Living Computations

Bio-Hybrid machines manipulating organisms through rules implemented in soft and hardware.
These projects look at how biology influences computer science conceptually and at the impact of the implementation of computation and computational thinking to politics, technology and research in biology.

Digital storage on vegetal media

▓▓ Binary logic
▓▓ Photosynthetic computing
▓▓ Living Bit
▓▓ Cladophora Aeophilis (Marimo)

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Evolutionary driven ressource allocation in an artificial ecosystem

▓▓ Genetic Algorythms
▓▓ Emergent politics
▓▓ Financial system
▓▓ Cyanobacteria (Spirulina)

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Digital money growing on trees

▓▓ Genetic Algorythms
▓▓ Plant Microbial Fuel Cells
▓▓ Financial Markets
▓▓ Photosynthesis

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Unicellular organisms playing videogames

▓▓ Cybernetics
▓▓ Living Game of life
▓▓ Bio Digital Interfaces
▓▓ Physarum polycephalum (Slime Mold)

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