I am an Interaction Designer, artist and life science researcher currently based in Paris

My work explores digital networked technologies and systems through their convergence with non-human intelligence (plants, unicellular organisms, insects, bacterias etc...) in regards to the Infocene problematics, seen as, our current cultural era where Information is the force having the biggest impact on human societies and environments.

I explores the relationship between the culture around Artificial and Biological intelligence by the making of bio-computers manipulating organisms through rules implemented in soft, hard and wetware, looking both at how biology influences computer science conceptually and at the impact of the implementation of computation and computational thinking to ecosystems.
I have been the recipient of the Bio Arts and Design Award and a Falling Walls winner while my work have been nominated to several international prices such as the STARTS prize of the European Commission and the Lumens Prize

I holds a Master in Interaction Design from the London College of Communication and is studying synthetic and system biology at CRI in Paris

Award and Distinctions

Selected Shows

Au Delà des Pixels @ 36 degrés, Garage Amelot
CMD2.0 as part of Evolutionaries@ MU Artspace
S_HE DEVIL 12 @ MAXXI, Rome, Italy
Evolutionaries @ MU Artspace, Eindhoven, Netherlands
C t r l @ Kapelica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Polarities @ Mu, Eindhoven, Netherlands
District 15 @ The Nate, Hong Kong, HK
Sovereign Nature @ Kraftwerk, Berlin, Germany
Biodesign Here Now @ London Design Festival, London, UK
Friday Late @ Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK
Discoveries @ Fuimano Clase, London, UK
Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, September 2018

Selected Press


Mindspaces , European Commission STARTS/Lighthouse
Hybrid form lab, 2019

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