"Bliss Assistance" (极乐助理)

All the work I've done at island 6 Shanghai is the result of a collective work. The full credits are to be seen on the collective website

Tools: After Effect

90(W)×90(H)×7(D) cm | 2′11″(W)×2′11″(H)×0′3″(D) inches
UNCRATED: 27 kg | 59 lbs and 8 oz. • CRATED: 64.2 kg | 141 lbs and 9 oz
[BLURB] Oh the awful quagmire of happiness: the unassuming black hole that will swallow up anything you’re willing to throw into it. Happiness expert Sonja Lyubomirsky has famously suggested that 50 percent of our happiness level is genetically determined, 10 percent comes from life circumstances /situation, the remaining 40 percent from, well… us, what we decide to do with ourselves everyday. Assuming that’s true, what can we do about that volatile 40%? It helps to make more money, but only up to a certain point. Once you make over roughly 100K (USD) per year, extra money really has no effect on your happiness level. You could also have more sex, that’s just an obvious one. You could eat better food, read good books, take naps. You could sing in the shower, plant and tend to a garden, be nice to other people. You could be religious which should help a lot with your terror management (ie, thoughts of mortality and your impending and inevitable death). You could find a better job, surround yourself with people you enjoy more. You could exercise, meditate, stretch, do yoga, listen to ambient music and audio recordings of beach noises. You could actually move to the beach. You could start a family. Or you could just wait, happiness should come knocking.
[Ryan Nimmo]

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