Espace Futur

Made during my Master in Interaction Design at the London college of Communication

Wood Wide Web 1.0 is an attempt at aestheticizing the communication protocols in play within the vegetal world.

Plants, in a forest like environment, uses electrical, chemical and hormonal signals (among others) to communicate within their own bodies and with each other.

Bellow the ground, a complex entanglement of organisms allow for information exchanges between plants. Pictured that way, a forest becomes a superorganism, capable of information processing, collective decision making, and swarm intelligence.

The electrical signal in non "muscular-plants" are carriers of several kinds of message. Amongst the data represented in this unidimensional signal is information about the atmospheric condition and environmental stersses.

The impact on the air we consume, the vibrations that propagate through the ground as we walk, the shadow we cast on the leaves, are sensed by these plants.

Aestheticizing these processes allow us to get a sense of the dynamics in play: What is the time of response of the plant to certain stimuli (latency and delay), what kind of sense does the plant have (does it makes a difference between a strong and a soft touch of stress), why the responses are unequal?

Understanding these mechanisms in different ways helps us to construct another mental image of what forest are. By so, we invite to reconsider the way we interact with complex and fragile natural systems.

© Michael Sedbon 2022